Group exhibition in Frankfurt


23rd – 30th April 2021

Opening hours: 23.04 6pm – 8pm, 24.04 – 30.04 4pm – 8pm

Group exhibition with Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Agnese GaliottoAlina Kopytsa, Kristina Lovaas 

Curated by Teodora Talhoș

Riots, police brutality, smoke, anger and panic. Civil disobedience, produced by unfavorable political and social conditions, unfolding as a chaos where forces collide, with victims on all sides. Is there any way out of this vicious circle?

HARDCOEUR reflects on vulnerability as a versatile form of resistance that can show dissatisfaction with the existing hegemonic structures in a way that doesn’t employ violence and is sustainable. At the same time, it aims at investigating its potential as a catalyst for collective resilience, starting with the individual. Being vulnerable means being exposed, but also having agency, thus acting and being acted on at the same time. Acknowledging and embracing one’s own vulnerability implies taking a subversive stance against an established world view that primarily understands power as a display of brutality.

The four artistic positions presented in the exhibition propose different approaches towards vulnerability, implying it in critiquing and questioning the dominating social and institutional constraints. The artworks reflect on the topic of radical exposure not only on a conceptual level, bult also on a material one. Embroidery, ceramics, performance and video are all media which are not (yet) fully embedded in the art historical canon, some of them being associated in a conventional way with feminine means of expression. These materials are employed in creating an artistic context that enables a direct confrontation with the public space and invites the audience to an open dialogue.

Ayla Pierrot Arendt’s performance will be shown on Friday, 23.04 at 6 pm via Instagram Livestream @fffriedrich. The performance will be in German, a version with English subtitles will be uploaded on Instagram afterwards.

Agnese Galiotto’s film Meseret will be shown on Saturday, 24.04 at 3pm at Mal Seh’n Kino (Adlerflychtstraße 6, 60318 Frankfurt am Main). Should the cinemas not be open by then, the film will be made available for 24 hours on Vimeo. Link:

Due to current measures in connection with the coronavirus, there will be no opening. A maximum of 2 people is allowed inside fffriedrich. Therefore, we kindly ask you to sign up before your visit:

Please maintain hygiene and distance regulations.