Artist statement

In my artistic practice I focus on the problematic of existing stereotypes around genders and discover changes of male and female roles in society. Being a part of the queer and kinky scene, I am exploring how social hierarchy and subordination roles could be performed in another way. In some of my works I want to show in a playful and joyful way an alternative safe and sex-positive space where gender stereotypes don’t have value anymore, where sexuality lives free and colorful, where each practice, which is based on safety and consent of all participants, isn’t seen like a perversion by society.

My main medium is textile. I am upcycling used fabrics for my collages. It can be old clothes or muster examples from clothes production. I am obsessed of textile because several generations of my family are working in the textile industry. From 2013 I am interested in silicone as a material for sculptures. Recently I started to work with ceramic. With my partner Coco Schwarz we make videos which were presented at different exhibitions and queer festivals.