My Alphabet 2019

My Alphabet, Embroidered textile, 90x100cm
The principle of how I made “My alphabet” was inspired by the alphabet which is used for children to learn the letters. But my alphabet is for adults. This project deals with fetishes and breaking taboos. This project is questioning norms and rules which are existing in our society. The collage “My alphabet” consists of 26 fabric pieces. There are a letter, a word and an image which represents this word on each piece. Addition- ally, I have a short text to each piece where I explain why I chose the word which is written on the piece.

I like the concept of aliens and the questions which are raised with this concept. How do we see an alien? As somebody who brings danger or somebody who can give new possibilities of developing and discovering something new? It doesn’t matter if it’s an alien from another planet, another country or another subculture.
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