My Alphabet Book Copy 2 (sold)


I started this project one year ago when I found around 30 pieces of fabric at my home with the same size. I started to embroider on each piece of fabric one letter from A to Z, a word and an image which represents it. I was inspired by the alphabet with which children learn the letters. But my alphabet is for adults. It is about sex practices which I like. This is a very exhibitionistic and narcissistic project. By the way, those two terms are also included. This project deals with fetishes and breaking taboos, with enjoyment and love. It is about my life and my art projects.

Parallel to this embroidery I was working with my partner Coco Schwarz on the video „Our alphabet“. We had a successful premiere at the art festival „Porny Days“ in Zurich. We got some invitations to other festivals around the worlds. We won’t put this movie online for viewing instead you will get with the book on a USB stick.

The book costs 250 $

By buying a book you will get the following:
A handmade book with the texts and all the digital prints of the Alphabet. The book will have a unique hand made cover which I will make from recycling fabric and my old clothes and underwear.
There is the video „Our Alphabet“ and two other short videos on an USB stick which you can find inside the book. The video „Our Alphabet“ is in Blu-ray quality.




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