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I started this project one year ago when I found around 30 pieces of fabric at my home with the same size. I started to embroider on each piece of fabric one letter from A to Z, a word and an image which represents it. I was inspired by the alphabet with which children learn the letters. But my alphabet is for adults. It is about sex practices which I like. This is a very exhibitionistic and narcissistic project. By the way, those two terms are also included. This project deals with fetishes and breaking taboos, with enjoyment and love. It is about my life and my art projects.

Parallel to this embroidery I was working with my partner Coco Schwarz on the video „Our alphabet“. We had a successful premiere at the art festival „Porny Days“ in Zurich. We got some invitations to other festivals around the worlds. We won’t put this movie online for viewing instead you will get with the book on a USB stick.

The book costs 250 $

By buying a book you will get the following:
A handmade book with the texts and all the digital prints of the Alphabet. The book will have a unique hand made cover which I will make from recycling fabric and my old clothes and underwear.
There is the video „Our Alphabet“ and two other short videos on an USB stick which you can find inside the book. The video „Our Alphabet“ is in Blu-ray quality.


I like the concept of aliens and the questions which are raised with this concept. How do we see an alien? As somebody who brings danger or somebody who can give new possibilities of developing and discovering something new? It doesn’t matter if it’s an alien from another planet, another country or another subculture.
Buy the way I am alina_alien on fetlife(.)com and alina_alien on chess(.)com. Don’t be afraid to add me as a friend there if you have an account in one of these social networks
“Why do you like bondage?” I asked a man who had a wife, a lover and a bondage partner. I’ve met him through an online network where people can chat about their relationships with others. After a few weeks of chatting and searching an answer to this question, he invited me to be his rope model for a bondage meeting. He did it gentle and soft. For me it was too gentle and too soft. But I did like the aesthetics and the atmosphere. I was very excited to draw how people tie each other.
“I felt like a chair”, was my answer to the question “How was it? What did you feel?”, of my husband after having sex with him which I didn’t want. He said, that sex is often not so exciting when a couple is married. That married people don’t want each other as they did before. But they should have sex for keeping a good relationship with each other. It was one of our last sex. We divorced.
In „Our Alphabet“ an old wooden chair is an object of my desire.
„Is it you on this photo after a performance or a session?“
– no, this is a mother and her son after protests in Jemen. But you are right, he looks a little bit like me, that’s why I did a repost of this photo.
– do you want to make a performance-session where I would be in this kind of burka?
– yes we can do it!
It was a starting point of my journey to a dominant side of BDSM
On the stick which is inside of the book you can see a video „The evidence“ and a documentation of a performance “Alternative story” which we did after 5 years after this conversation.
One of the biggest nightmares for many people is to be naked when all others are in clothes. But for me it is not a problem at all. It happened many times. I participated in performances where the main topic was naked bodies in public space. Sometimes I just take my clothes off on the dance floor if I feel like to do it. But the most beautiful moment happened when I got with my partner out of the small balcony on the rooftop after several hours of intense sex. We were standing naked, young, beautiful, happy and full of love to ourself and each other. One couple from another window saw us and was waving to us.
If you would google „Body and freedom festival“ you will find a documentation of my performances in public space. In the book you can find a photo from my personal archive.
Where are my glasses? How can I play a German teacher without glasses?
Almost all my lovers have or had glasses. Glasses are definitely my fetish.
How much I love glasses you can see in the video „Our Alphabet”.
For the letter F I could write “fisting” but “feminism” I find more important in this situation. This alphabet would be not possible without feminism. The feministic achievements made it possible that I can study, that I can choose a profession myself, that I have the freedom to have as many sexual partners as I want. And at the same time, this alphabet is made for feminists. I hope that my frank stories from this alphabet can make the difference between violence and consensual BDSM games more clear. It makes me very sad when, for example, an unknown woman is writing on Instagram “violence is not love” as a comment to my sketch where you see a scene of one person tying another one.
To think that sadomasochistic practices and domestic violence are the same is like to think, that sewing on a sewing machine as a hobby is the same as doing it abnormal amount of hours without an alternative in a third world country. Wouldn’t it be strange to see a sewing machine as an instrument of suppression without knowing the context?


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