Textile 2011-2020

Gerold Brenner; 2019, textile; 150x160m

The interior, 2018, textile,300x400x100cm

Dreaming about body transformation, 2016, textile, 95x95sm,

Home video, 2016, material – used bed sheet, 12 pieces, each 30x40sm

Calendar, 2017, textile, 80cm diameter, 2017

A cup of coffee, 2015, textile, 50x70cm

Sweet dreams, 80×70, 2015

Plug it, 2014, textile, 200x180cm

Love, 2013,  textile, 35x20cm

Fragments of the hands of lovers, 2012

A doll,2013, textile, 170x20x30cm

Dairy about Berlin, 2012

Women after a night of love in man’s shirt,2011